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Website Re-Design

We are pleased to announce a brand new website re-design.  With the new site comes a lot of exciting features and upgrades to make managing your membership and listing on our site much easier.  You are now the one in control of the information about your listing.  Here is a quick look at the new features:

  1. Ability for members to claim and update their listing and update it with information such as logo, featured image, phone, social media links, website, email etc.
  2. Your listing page will have a map with your location if you so choose.
  3. The ability for members to pay their membership dues through the website with a debit/credit card or with paypal.
  4. Better search engine optimization so that if you list your website on the Chamber of Commerce website if should start to rank higher in search results in on Google and other search engines.
  5. The latest in website login encryption (https) used by banks and other secure sites for safe browsing and logins.
  6. Much easier ability for site visitors to search for businesses.
  7. Mobile device friendly

Please check out the following documents to either claim your already existing listing or to sign up as a first time member.


I am currently a member of the Vale Chamber of Commerce and my listing is already on the on the website, how do I claim and edit it?

I am a new member how do I join?